Oct 17, 2021 • 2M

#2 Nationalism Or Globalism?

The Rise Of A New Perspective

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There is a planet called Earth, with 195 different countries; All of them are made by humans and say they have their own tradition and culture. These thousands of cultures are actually constituting the same species of humans. Sometimes they argue with one another and the other times, when the worst situation arrives, each country prefers to help themselves. So actually do these countries have unity? That’s against Internationalism and Globalism.

So what is Internationalism? Internationalism is the cooperation of a country globally in trade and commerce and along with politics, and so on. But when it comes to Globalism, it’s an ideology that visualizes a world without borders.

On a planet like Earth, where we humans, having the upper hand on other species, create, follow, and uphold diverse cultures. Meanwhile, we should think Nationalism is not at all helpful when it comes to a global perspective.

Why different countries, when we all belong to the same species?

So that’s where the significance of Globalism comes.

I wish for a world without borders; A world without limitations. Only such a world can provide a better atmosphere than today. No Government should be there to overrule anybody. Every individual has the right to do whatever he wants and wishes, other than deeds that will harm others. No society, or any kind of thing including organizations and culture, doesn’t have the rule over an individual. In such a world, we’ll experience the real beauty of life.

When Nationalism integrates with Globalism, changes will come, that’ll make the contemporary world a fantastic Utopia.

Good day!

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