Oct 26, 2021 • 3M

#7 Big People, Small World

Or is it big world and small people?

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The ignorant are ignorant of their ignorance.

- Peter Baskerville

Once upon a time, there was a frog Freddy, who lived in a well. One day, another frog Pablo accidentally fell into the well. Freddy, the idle frog, who lived inside the well, was happy.

He asked: Where were you? This is the best and only world. Good water, good air, and nothing to disturb! What a peaceful life! Welcome to my world!

Pablo replied: Pardon me! This is not the best world I’ve seen.

“Another world? This is the only world!”

“No, there is a wonderful world outside!” 

They both argued with each other. At last, Pablo promised to prove that there is another world outside. That was even more beautiful than the dark pit, where Freddy lived till his mid ages.

They both somehow came out o the well.

For Freddy, it was new knowledge, that there was a world outside.

But Pablo said, this isn’t the real beauty of this world, I will show how this world looks like. Follow me.

Freddy followed. They heard the beautiful sound of the sea.

Freddy looked; his eyes widened. He exclaimed: Wow! Unbelievable!

We must open our eyes and see what’s happening around us.

There are a lot of people like Freddy, who are ignorant about the real world and living their lives in a dark pit. But there are also a few people like Pablo, who lives with the realization of the truth, and who are interested in helping people to get out of the destiny, they believe, exists.

No one in this big world will say, Hey, I’m ignorant! Help me out!

Because everyone believes they are the most intelligent and knowing people! That’s a bitter truth, that we all must admit.

Is this a small world with big people?

Or is it a big world, with small people?

The fact is, you can believe in any of these. If you are an optimistic person, you can believe the first- that this is a small world, with big people. But if you are pessimistic about the contemporary scenarios, you will be happy to stick with the second one.

Both ways, you gain - or lose.

This world is a mixture of everything. There are people of every kind. And actually, we cannot classify this world in any of the above statements. Because, when you live with knowledgeable people, you’ll think - Hey, this world is so beautiful enough to hold such big people! This is a small world with big people.

In vice versa, when you live with the most ignorant species in humans, you will understand that this is a big world, with small people, who don’t even know how the Earth looks like, or where they are in this big world.

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