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#11 The Rise of Dystopia

Werewolf politicians, Media, Nations, everything - everything is a part of the truth. They won't tell you, because you are their consumers. Without you, they cannot live like they are in today!

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Even though humans are imperialists in all senses, with our dominant mindsets, we have always preserved an emotion or a sacred empathetical feeling known as humanity. It broadens its boundaries across religion, food, culture, and caste, and color. The concept was clear and was upheld by the whole of mankind, raising voices against injustice and inequality. But so far I’m concerned, I haven’t believed in the fall of humanity. But that’s a reality - we are living in a dystopia. Things are even worse than they appear before us. It’s beyond our daily life thoughts and concepts. Everything became a business and became more competitive, and hence we are pulled back from a moderate to an extreme world - a world where we will have to see everything, but not watch everything, hear everything, but not absorb what we hear, talk everything, but not understand what we talk. Because we are trapped inside an individualist framework for our own development, even at the expense of our existence. Just like a tree selling his roots for money.

Hi Culture Man, I’m Akhilesh. I’m with an alarming topic that we need to raise our brow against. Because this will show what our future will be like, if we follow the same, and vice versa, how we can change the fact.

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Everything that marked the digital revolution had brought its own changes to our society. The arrival of the smartphone was the most significant among them. With their arrival, technological advancement leaped to its peak. The Internet created drastic changes that none had ever expected before. The era of Dataism began with the beginning of Search engines.

When movies like The Matrix, and Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw, showed a technological dystopia, formed as a result of artificial intelligence’s intervention in humanity, movies like The Prestige, and No Country For Old Men showed dystopia in front of us.

Human emotions are dying day by day, and it’s at their peak in this pandemic era. The pandemic had struck not only many lives, but also our emotions, our social lives, and certain feelings, that keep us alive. We were glued to social media, and OTT platforms, forgetting what goes around, what we are becoming transforming into tech-fed-babies, which will eventually jeopardize our control over us.

Moreover, people themselves forget some basic values, that sustain our social power, that makes us man. We must not forget our past, that made us. We became the predominant species of the world just because we had the power to corporate with each other, and work together, and create social empowerment faster than any of the living organisms. Moreover, our structure is icing to our reality.

Even before dreaming about Utopias, we must first get out of our dystopian culture. Greed is essential, but personal interest will kill us. Democracy is the most significant way of organizing a better world, and we must not allow its flames to be put out by anyone. We need people who think against, and in favor of the present. Because such bold identities can only transform our world. We must see the reality that happens around us. No one’s gonna save us, without us. So we have to cooperate for a better future.

The tensions that go in Myanmar, which is all about the army suppressing the commons, should end. Autocracy is one of the biggest symptoms of a dystopian society. Border issues could be listed from Russia - Ukraine, India- China, Israel - Palestine, and so on. The Afghan crisis is also remarkable because it’s an issue related to religious terrorism. All these will end only with the arrival of Globalism, replacing the nation-states, and their nationalist perspectives. A man who died without having water, because there was nobody to hear his heed, is not humanity. I will say that’s a symptom of a dystopian feeling inside people.

Even if someone is sinking in a river, people sitting in banks may not rush for his rescue, because they were all inside the giant social media. They didn’t even hear, nor see the helpless. Because they are fed up babies, who are some gamified creations, working for themselves, and only caring for themselves. The internet gets into our brains and even makes us a stupid population, who may have to depend, and hence, follow what the AI tells us to.

Am I living in a  dystopia? Indeed you are!

Except for some ferocious yells in social media, people lived in a bubble nest, where everything would be fed to them if they had money. People never hesitated about the world. Whatever injustice happens to others, they just don’t care. But if the same happens to them, they will yell, and others through social media. But everyone knows, what they do are for some followers and likes. That’s the beautiful world, where we live in. This is the picture. But there are, indeed, people who act for the common good. But such species are rare in numbers, and could only be seen once in a decade, once in a century, as the concept of Gods’ incarnation. And such creations are the symptoms of humanity, which decline day by day. It’s alarming, and frustrating, I know, but I started this podcast, not to talk about funny pranks, or what the big names do out there on TV, but what happens in the world, that matters, and those which we have to bother about.

Every country, whatever be your location, there will always be a power play for money, and power. I can offer you the basic structure, that works everywhere.

At first, the state had many parties based on ideologies, working for the common good. But later, with the emergence of local, and powerful outsider goons in these parties, all of them became corrupted. None of them are good, anyway. Everyone was only interested in increasing the size, and weight of their pockets with the rise in state income. But the interesting fact is that these parties have people who will even give blood for it. The incidents of killing these low-level people are seen as a common reality that happens every day, or at least a week. But most of them don't make good news if they don’t have people to cry in front of the camera or yell for the death of their child, or the party members yelling at each others’ headquarters. Emotions are the biggest weapon. If they are used efficiently, there will be a big wave in the society, that exists only in virtual forms, which will increase the views, ad revenues, and so on of the media, which makes them satisfied. Even some people come to cry in front of the camera just for popularity. But those buffaloes forget that they are actually creating the worst impact that they can make off unless they are politicians, who wear sheep coats, who want to lick the blood that spills.

Both opposition and the government become the same thing in almost all circumstances. Both will yell, but at last, both will find a solution that will benefit both of them. Of course, the shared percent may differ.

But the biggest issue is when the werewolf politicians mix religion with politics. They all will cry regarding the same fact, that their opposition was mixing religion. But what they all do is the same thing. Some do it public, while others keep it private. Everything is just a part of the powerplay of the politicians, who value votes more than blood or the common good. Even some leaders cry that communalism was spreading. But are they spreading, or spread intentionally?

Firstly, the spreading of communalism has its roots in the same werewolves. If they stop talking about it, half of the matters will be settled. After that, if they are sincere, they can deal with the real few percent, who actually inject it into people’s minds.

If we get out of politics, still there are many reasons for me to call this world a dystopia. Climate Change, which is accelerated by us humans itself, will ultimately lead us to our apocalypse. ExxonMobil, and so on companies are still spending billions of dollars on opposition against climate change. They denied it from their origin of wide climate protest from the 1980s to 2000s. But as time progressed truth was revealed, and no longer could continue their dumb talks. They still work against, but you won’t believe me if you have gone through their websites. They say that they are the protectors of world energy management, and we are responsibly developing less polluting fuels. But understand that their colors are not what you see with your sincere eyes.

According to the environmental advocacy group Greenpeace, ExxonMobil granted $1 million to climate denial groups in 2014.[51][52] ExxonMobil granted $10,000 to the Science & Environmental Policy Project founded by climate denial advocate, physicist, and environmental scientist Fred Singer[53][54] and earlier funded the work of solar physicist Wei-Hock "Willie" Soon, who said that most global warming is caused by solar variation.[55]

In the fall of 2015, InsideClimate News published a series of reports on an eight-month investigation based on decades of internal Exxon Mobil files and interviews with former Exxon employees, which stated: "Exxon conducted cutting-edge climate research decades ago and then, without revealing all that it had learned, worked at the forefront of climate denial, manufacturing doubt about the scientific consensus that its own scientists had confirmed."

(Source: Wikipedia Article, ExxonMobil climate change controversy)

Facebook which continues to spoil many youngsters for money, is still a great example because they are said to be creating a big community for the betterment of humanity. But we know what a for-profit company will do, even without reading its policies.

One of CNN’s official newsletters, told it this way:

Frances Haugen, the Facebook whistleblower whose complaints about the company have raised new questions about the platform’s impact, appeared before a Senate subcommittee yesterday in a highly anticipated hearing. Haugen claimed Facebook knows how to make its products safer, but chooses not to in favor of profit. In addition to addressing recent concerns over Instagram’s effects on teen girls (Facebook owns Instagram), Haugen’s testimony led some lawmakers to consider whether to meet separately just to discuss national security concerns. When asked by one senator whether Facebook is used by "authoritarian or terrorist-based leaders,” Haugen said yes, and pointed to Myanmar and Ethiopia as examples of how the platform can be used to sow violence. Facebook has repeatedly denied or discounted Haugen’s claims, and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said reactions to the situation are painting a “false picture” of the company. 

(Source: 1. Facebook, CNN 5 Things)

Moreover the findings of the Wall Street Journal, on how Instagram spoils teen girls, which is under Facebook, or currently Meta Platforms, Inc. had proven what the real face of their social media is.

Religion, Nationalism, Personal interest, face denial, everything makes this world a clear-cut dystopia. But I won’t say this world has only people who think badly. And that isn’t true, I know. We all must become agents of a new renaissance in the world, to make this world less suffocating than today. Or else, this world will become a hell world, that will indeed create a society with “individuals”, who flounders for air, like fish outside water.

This world is not perfect, and maybe that makes it beautiful because if this world was perfect, we wouldn’t have good literature, many great personalities, historical figures…Problems are the roots of humanity. When one peril, the other rises. We have to challenge and carry off. Because that’s how we ourselves realize we are really humane, and that makes us less boring to live in this world…

But we must not move on thinking to pause our actions and live with what we get, because that will indeed create social layers, that will definitely make our descendants’ life more miserable than we can imagine…Moreover, we never love slavery, at any expense…

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