Oct 16, 2021 • 2M

#1 Is There A Meaning For Life?

Do you think there is a meaning in your life?

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Hi! Today I have a strange question for you - Is There A Meaning For Life? Or do you believe in the meaning of your life?

From the time of our ancestors, the question prevails. And everybody has different answers for it. So I decided to add an answer that fits me, which I developed by thinking for a lot of years.

Is there a meaning in life? I’ve been carrying the question for a long time. Until my teens, I didn’t have to carry any questions. It was all after that — after my mental renaissance — I realized a life truth — there isn’t any meaning for life. 

So now, you may think — Are you crazy? How can you be so sure? 

I can be a sure friend — there isn’t any meaning for our life, nor there is a meaning for the entire cosmos. It was all our imaginations. It was the piece of fiction we made. We believed in such meaning and some of us traveled around the world saying, I’m searching for the meaning of life!

But we all must realize that until we create meaning, there isn’t meaning for life. 

Everyone has different heads, and each of us has different tastes. 

You must think of yourself. You are the one who has you in your power. Believe you are the ultimate, and then, you will be able to create whatever you love. 

Understand that life has no meaning. But you can create one for your life.

Good day!


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