#12 Ukraine, Crypto, MusicListen now (5 min) | From Ukraine Crisis, And Crypto Battles, To The Metamosphosizes In The Music Industry
#11 The Rise of DystopiaListen now (15 min) | Werewolf politicians, Media, Nations, everything - everything is a part of the truth. They won't tell you, because you are their…
#10 EqualityListen now (14 min) | Is it possible?
#9 Greed Justified!Listen now (7 min) | If not greed, what helped us?
#8 We Can't Let Democracy DieListen now (9 min) | For The Sake of Humanity
A WordI changed my logo because I felt this was better. From now on, this logo will be the face of Culture Man. I’m a minimalist in designs. I thought…
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#7 Big People, Small WorldListen now (3 min) | Or is it big world and small people?
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